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Meditation and Self-improvement

By: mark | Date: January 23, 2017 | Categories: Meditation

There are particular moments in life where you wish to depend on other people’s advice. Some would readily give it to you with best intentions.  Despite these intentions, you are always going to blame those persons if anything goes wrong. Every time you find yourself at a crossroad, specialists strongly advise you to always make […]

One would think that subconsciously, the mind would feel some degree of dissonance from a large quantity of logically inconsistent beliefs, especially if those beliefs are crucial to one’s world view. However, after some surveying regarding this hypothesis, I am beginning the think that this is not the case. What do you think? What is […]

if you play table tennis in a youth club with mixed race membership and get to like the buzz and some people in particular it will challenge your received wisdom about people of other races the cognitive dissonance will have ot be resolved for comforts sake so you can either say they are still not […]

New Reality for Bay Area Sellers

By: mark | Date: January 20, 2017 | Categories: Critical Thinking

Over the past six months, sellers of real estate in Oakland and surrounding areas have begun to realize that the market is definitely not what it was a couple of years ago. In all reality, the power now lies with serious buyers who know they have more room to negotiate when making offers. Sellers who […]

Critical Mass @ Haight & Masonic Corner

By: mark | Date: January 19, 2017 | Categories: Critical Thinking

Critical Mass on Haight&Masonic Duration : 29 sec Republished by Blog Post Promoter


The Basis of Concentration/meditation and Its Benefits

By: mark | Date: January 18, 2017 | Categories: Human Consciousness

Mother earth is known to be fertile and a womb of jewels. We all know that skies give us life-giving water in the form of rains. There is no limit to the vault of valuable objects in the ocean. Yet human beings have infinitely more wealth than all this put together. If the veils of […] Greetings ladies & gentlemen! My name is Kate Bazilevsky. I would like to inform you that the Catalog of Human Population exists, and the full version is being worked on. Currently, there are more than 130 subtype structures already described. Modern civilization has already created many different catalogs. The products of centuries of effort […]


Decoding our Present and our Probable Future

By: mark | Date: January 16, 2017 | Categories: Higher Consciousness

Dear Friends: This is a message about the true reality of who we are and why we are here in these times. Please help spread it as widely as you can. This is probably the most important message I have shared, so far. I usually send a message on the first of each year. This […]

David Icke, DNA, Consciousness and Epigenetics

By: mark | Date: January 15, 2017 | Categories: Human Consciousness

David Icke says many things that are retooled Mein Kampf. His Problem-Reaction-Solution is the Hegelian dialectic. The "Right Hegelians" contributed to the Nazi ideology, as the "Left Hegelians" contributed to Marxist statism. His contention that reptilians tampered with human DNA is Hitler's contention that the Jews were trying to tamper with Aryan bloodlines by intermarriage…. […]


Freedomain Radio: Anger (A Listener Conversation)

By: mark | Date: January 14, 2017 | Categories: Philosophy

A brave listener confronts his devils… by Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radio, the most popular philosophy podcast on the web – Duration : 1 hr 8 min 25 sec Republished by Blog Post Promoter